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Friday, December 17, 2010

Babai 5S Team!

Ada berita gumbira????

Aku dah resign dari jadi internal auditor for 5S Team..yeaahaaaaa!!!!!!...rasanya hilang sudah segala ketul2 batu atas kepala nieh...kepala ini rasa sangat ringannnn...eemmmm.. :)

Kepada member auditor yg lain..especially Faiz, Elly and Evelyn...babai..sayonara..caucincau...berakhir sudah tugasku yang sangat2 menuntut banyak masa untuk diluangkan..Thanx for your guidance eh...

To my boss, Franky Chen..thanks for your understanding for took out my name from this team..appreciate it!!

Encik2 auditor semua..tolong keluarkan nama saya dalam ini
cerita yer.....hehehhee...i loiikeeee!!!!!

The truth is, i'm feel so free and from now onwards, hope that i'll be able concentrate to my own job tasking...well, seems everything will be back to normal again.....:)


  1. Hehe..congrat..congrat...congrat....ringan udah kepala mu itu yea...

  2. yelah...sure ilang sakit kepala..tapi kesian pulak kat evelyn takder geng nak buat inspection untuk production...huhuhuuu...