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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Encik D90 : My Dreams Come True!!!!


DSLR maniac is coming!!!!!! smart my Encik D90...

See...after a couple of months, searching like hell all about DSLR...finally find out one of the orang gila's really gila tahap gaung u know....what can i say somemore..i manage to buy a really personal gun for myself...*wink*.....

Surveying all over shopping mall....tiring moment when you cant find out the main thing that you eagerly want..but for me, it worth!!..My Encik D90 yang sangat elegant, now entered my life preciously...i'm too happy to share with all my entire friends....weeeeee......

For the time being, i do really smartly study all about the functions...hopefully i can graduate with a flying colours..hahahaaaa...thanx to mr hubby who're really willing to teach me the meaning of my Encik D90...Thanx darling..muahhh!!!

For those yang masih tercari2 the best price for all kinds of DSLR (especially JB area) try to survey and find out at Angsana JB. Got a few shoplots that you can bargain and negotiate pertaining to the rate or price. Some other kedai give a slightly higher rate...but dont worry, at Angsana..the price it's really me!!

One more, dont asking the gifts that you can get, especially the memory card..some other kedai just manage to give for 4gb instead of 8gb...kalau dapat 4gb, consider kena tipu ler...tapi for me, the best kedai which can give the best rate is Kedai Johan level 4 nearby the UO. Unfortunately, kat sini barang selalu cepat sold out...
Tapi takper..just try other kedai such as Kedai Mee Too and Fotokem...tak salah kalau nak seek advise from them.....

Wokey...after i dah master i will post out all the pics ok...wish me luck!!!


  1. chaiyok chaiyok.. pasni jangan lupa upload gambar dari kamera baru..

  2. welcome to kelab MamaRazzi.....selamat menembak with DSLR!!!!

  3. Sha : sure...tengah sibuk blajor nie..tido pon sampai mimpi2 tawww...hehehee..

    Anonymous : hahaa..thanks eh..nak jadik sharp shooter lepas nieh..:)

  4. jgn smpai tidoq pon peluk DSLR tu dah la kak....marah cik abg tu

  5. mah : aku blom sampai tahap macam nina,tido tegolek2 ngan cik canon dier tuh....hehehee..