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Sunday, December 19, 2010

TRON : Legacy (2010)

The day before today?

Ala...yesterday lah...Saturday day ever..since our beloved daughter (me and kak long) having a great time with their Nek Wan at kampung, we enjoy ourself to watch movie together...hahahahaaa...sounds interesting????...should be lah...chatting like never end..gossiping..laughing..all in one.....muahahaaaaaa...

Once we arrived at Jusco...buying tickets la....

We were wondering..what is the best movie haa??...alamakkk...wasting time to keep thinking what should we choose to advise from a cashier lady...she said, try TRON lah kak...walawehhhh...cerita kartun ker???
no lah cerita tuh..cubalah tengok dulu....oklah dik..since ko kata ok, give me two tickets...layan jerr....

i thought that cerita kartun tu tak best...but ultimately,'s beyond my imaginations...bukan kartun's real story maaa...weeeee....falling in love sudahhhh...

We saw the footage..yess..that is the new TRON movie. The graphics were amazing, the trailer was based around the tron cycles, and pretty much included everything you know. We even got a glance of Jeff Bridge's face through the mask. This is probably one of my favorite movies for the year and I cant even wait for next trailer to be released publicly (kalau ada lah...)..

I really love the new Tron suits, and seeing the suit and helmets (it is not mat rempit helmet okkay...nampak gorgeous you...).The one thing that has really caught my eye with this particular movie is the blue over the green, the colours do wonders for each other and really makes the movie stand out...really loves this movie la...cant wait to buy blue ray cd for encik hubby..

For those who still not watching yet...try to take some quality time with your family worth!!..highly recommended!!

Star Rating       : *****
Recommended  :  YES

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