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Thursday, March 24, 2011

It was my Day!!!

Againn!!!!! another one year to plus.....

23-03-11 was my birthday...slept as early as 11.00pm.. and suddenly Mr Papa woke me up and greeted me with warm and sweet "Happy birthday Sayang..." My heart said, "'s should be 12.00am huh??..".nevermind, it was my birthday..and for me, the wishes was so lovely...:)

I opened my FB early in the morning, and was so touched to see all the Birthday wishes from most of my siblings and friends. My mom and my brother in KL also called just to wish me a very happy Birthday. I'm so is a really a day...

Now, I'm 32...

Be a woman in 30's was damn pretty good..I believed, there is a lot of "hikmah" when you turn to 30..Just hope that i can manage my self-assured decade and become a good ones to my hubby and a loving mommy to my kid..hope that everything will flew as beauty as i dream...Insya Allah...:)

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