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Saturday, April 7, 2012

MaxOne Hotel, Sabang, Jakarta

Okeh. Lets review one of the hotel which I stayed during 
my Jakarta's trip last month.
Notice that so many people always wondering (same like me previously) ngeeee…..
about the hotels which we should stay in Jakarta especially in a central part of  Jakarta itself.
The budget is a priority you have to think about. 
That's the reason why i stay in a small and cute hotel like this.
Most criteria about this hotel was, it has so many easy stuff that I need. 
This hotel was located in the center of the city in Jalan Sabang which is still in Thamrin area.
And I think, this area is the best area in Jakarta to stay.

Seriously, you can consider about this hotel if you go to Jakarta.
I love this hotel very much and will return back again in future!!
Good things about this hotel.
  • Located centralised in Jakarta City which is near to big2 Malls such as Plaza Indonesia and Grand Indonesia.
  • 5 minutes to Gambir Station and Monas by taxi or bajaj.
  • 5-7 minutes walk to Lotus Mall and Sarinah Mall.
  • 7-Eleven and Circle K around the hotel.
  • Lots of halal's restaurant just walking distance.
  • Easy to get taxi and bajaj in front of the hotel. Bluebird is a priority ones.
  • 10 minutes by bajaj or taxi to Tanah Abang
  • 30 minutes by bajaj or Taxi to Mangga 2
For further details kindly go to

Fancy lift

nice huh!!..fancy door lifts..

front desk..

Standard room..

LCD 32"

Small bathroom but yet clean and tidy..shower amazing!!

our room..level 5, door 517


Jalan Sabang


  1. salam.
    Bestkan dapat jalan2 ke jakarta. cantik hotel tu

  2. aahh..hotel tu cantik and comel jerr...

  3. brape jauh hotel ni dengan airport yer?

    1. approx perjalanan ke airport dlm 30-45 minit depends ngan keadaan jalanraya jem ke tak..huhuuu

  4. Salam Kak,

    Boleh pm saya no contact supir akak di jakarta? saya akan ke jakarta minggu saya


    1. salam... boleh emailkan no contact supir pada sy skali .

  5. berapa ye naik taxi dr hotel maxone ke gambir station ni?

    1. murah sangat tak sampai rm5 pon...ngeeee

  6. salam,, boleh email sy supir akak di jakarta ? tqvm akak :)